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    Starting a Hosting Service for Minecraft Pocket Edition


    I would like some advice on how to start a small for-hobby hosting service.

    Since Minecraft Pocket Edition is a relatively new market, I am coding my own CP out of PHP(Symfony, with a REST Daemon), and plan to use BoxBilling, or Stripe as the billing system. I have coded a Multicraft extension for MCPE, but Multicraft costs too much to start hosting with low budget.

    I have experience in running Linux(Ubuntu Server, to be more precise) and have a dedicated server with Proxmox VE running multiple VMs for me and some friends.

    The problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to deal with businesses, and being a minor, have no idea about dealing with money, taxes etc. I also have no idea about the software used in the hosting business, and the redundancy needed for a machine to be considered good enough for hosting.

    Also, would a RAID(10) be a requirement for running such a service? Or could I make do with just an SSD?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure about Minecraft. I've been out of game server hosting for a couple of years now. We used WHMCS for billing though. Worked very well for billing and provisioning.

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    If you want to host pocket minecraft servers, look at using PocketMine-MP (

    It works on Linux, Windows, Mac.
    Assign ram and a core per instance in Linux and it should do just fine.

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