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Thread: FTP Throttling

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    FTP Throttling

    Not sure whether throttling or traffic shaping is the right phrase but after two days of googling I still cannot find our how to limit per user FTP upload speed.

    I have a user who is constantly hitting the server with big/long FTP uploads and I would just like to limit his upload speed (I guess he has a really large upload pipe).

    I can do it for all users but cPanel doesn't have an option for per user and after two technical support chats neither does BetterLinux or CloudLinux.

    Anyone been able to do this for an individual user and not the whole server?

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    What ftp server are you using?

    # pure-pw show USER
    Download bandwidth : 0 Kb (unlimited)
    Upload bandwidth : 0 Kb (unlimited)
    Max files : 0 (unlimited)
    Max size : 0 Mb (unlimited)
    If you're using pureftpd you can limit upload/download for each user...
    # pure-pw usermod USER -t <download bw> -T <upload bw>
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    The pure-pw commands are generally not usable with cPanel. You have two options AFAIK

    1. Use "UserBandwidth" in /etc/pure-ftpd.conf to throttle whole FTP traffic. Unfortunately it is serverwide, not per user.

    2. Set a different NIC and ratelimit the traffic through that NIC. Let them to upload files through that NIC only. That will let others to run as it is now.

    I am unsure whether any other solutions other than these.

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