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    Suggestions for VPS Reseller?

    I am surprised I couldn't find more info on this but most of my searches are companies selling vps servers.

    I have been running a small Web Hosting Business on and off again for 11 years now. I have a few clients that want their own VPS.

    I am looking for a while label vps reseller that has a good track record with people on this site.

    Currently I was able to find and I was wondering what everyone thought about them and if anyone could recommend a company i might have over looked.

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    When you are looking for VPS reselling account, there are two types of accounts that you can choose. One is from providers using legacy VPS solutions and other is from providers offering cloud VPSes ( aka VDSes ). The later may be a bit pricey comparing to the other solution; but that is a worth as it will bring you all the advantages of cloud. The ones you have mentioned have prominent market share in hosting industry and you can find more after a quick googling, like . I suggest you to find a couple , search for their reviews , talk with their sales and choose one who can offer you a better solution.

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    Do you have any kind of specification or any budget specified per VPS in mind?
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    How much budget for every node?
    And you prefer servers located in which location?

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    782 have very nice integration with WHMCS for resellers.
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    just match your needs with the provider (and go with one that's been around a while) most providers will likely work something out with you.

    Comes down to what you need deployment
    3.large deployment needs

    reliability is something you can research from provider to provider.
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    EZPZ Hosting well let you resell there VPS via there resellers at a discounted rate maybe you should try them. Their are mix reviews about them, I used them about 3 years ago and found them very good,they even have highend support. Hope this helps.I am not sure if this is was what you were looking for, but I thought I would point you in there direction.
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