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    Question Customers needs to proxy their access to google. What do you recommend?


    We have a customer who wants to pretend they are accessing google from the US. (It's a long story...) So whenever they go to google for anything (website or google docs or whatever, they want to appear as being from a US ip address.

    We set up an openVPN server for them in the US, but their MS Lync software doesn't work properly when routed through the VPN. And since they need MS Lync always to be working on their computers, it seems the openVPN server doesn't meet their needs.

    So now we are thinking that maybe a simple HTTP Proxy server or SOCKS5 server might be better for their needs. Then they can configure their browser to use the proxy, instead of all internet traffic (including MS Lync) through the VPN.

    What do you think? Would you suggest HTTP proxy (squid?) or SOCKS5 server for this purpose?

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    That's correct, try Squid for HTTP proxying. I think a SOCKS proxy would be overkill.

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    Squid Proxy would be a better solution which can mask your original IP and show IP of server when you access any website

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    Isn't it a solution - ?

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    You need http proxy. Squid is easy. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Why not just setup a reverse proxy pointing to google using nginx, and have it hosted on some VPS in the US?

    This way they won't have to configure proxies on their browsers, and any time they want to access Google, they'll simply access this VPS via its IP or domain.

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