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    SolusVM Node - WWW question

    Hello all,

    Hopefully a nice easy one, for our uptime script/monitoring it requiresus to upload a file to each server that calls back to the script to report uptime etc.

    Does anyone know where I would upload this to on the SolusVM nodes? SolusVM outsourced support suggest contacting a server management company which I find a tad overkill considering its hopefully just a quick 2 second thing.

    Does anyone know the location I would upload it to so that it is publicly accessible ie nodeip/status ? had a look in var/www but that doesn't seem to be the one.

    Any help is much appreciated

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    It sounds like uploading a status folder to a server to report uptime or what ever.

    Basically in that case just upload it to htdocs or /var/www which ever it is. As for solusVM i'm not sure it is has its own web server of if it uses apache since I don't use it or have any experience with it yet.

    But can you please tell more about the script you want to do and how the server is setup so we can come to a conclusion. I can't do any research if don't have much to go off of.

    As for a monitor I personally recommend Nagios w/ nrpe plugin.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I've just had a reply from SolusVM advising that it is possible via the node to just upload the file to /var/solusvm/www which is fine and now works, however the Slaves only listen via https on port 6767 and I'm not sure the script currently supports changing it to https, will have a word with the script developer, thanks for your help though it is appreciated

    Here is the script in question :

    +1 on nagios, we use it internally and use newrelic and pingdom externally, works a treat! This is purely for a public facing status page, hosted off of our main site in the event of downtime.


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    If you want to make SolusVM listen on standard ports (80 & 443) just follow this guide:
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    Cheers George, top man

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    Its located somewhere in /usr/local/solusvm/www
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