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Thread: Anyone know?

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    Anyone know?

    anyone know google has hosting business?

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    2,286 - seems so, not tried it

    They also own blogger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethernet Servers View Post - seems so, not tried it

    They also own blogger.
    As above, never tried it though be nice to hear someone who has some experience with it!

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    It's not bad for beginners. I recommended it to a friend of mine who needed to build a small portfolio website and the service google offers helps makes it simple. It's more or less just a website builder with basic templates that can be edited.

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    Google App Engine is quite a bit more powerful than a website builder with a few templates. For example, this page is someone's documentation as to how to set up a stack ready to run a full-blown Drupal site on Google.

    It's by no means intuitive or technically trivial to do, but if Drupal can be run then most sites can be.

    Google's main competitor at this point will be AWS, rather than bespoke hosting providers. It shifts the market though.

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    Never thought of them having a hosting business. Other than hosting blogspot blogs the only other hosting from them I know of is like the other poster mentioned.

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    Google is like Swiss knife they have or plan to have everything for everybody. More info: - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Google Hosting

    I'm not aware of any Google hosting business, but I guess you could consider Google Apps a type of hosting service.

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    They try to do all IT businesses that do not need real people to serve.
    Better keep managed service or you will be out.
    Popcorn for Google vs Godaddy soon.
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    Quite interesting, never knew that.

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    Google has been in the business for years but people don't really realize it.

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    Google apps would be a better option to try out. Google might be there into this hosting business, either directly or indirectly since they have giant resources to accommodate.
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    The only Google product I like is the search. Not a fan of the integration between different products either. Just seems a mess to me.

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    What Google calls hosting is not quite the same thing that most people call hosting. Google calls their hosting service "App Engine". You can host standard PHP applications in Google App Engine, but it take a little bit more work to get things working.

    For example, you can install WordPress in Google App Engine, but you would need to use Google Search to find a detailed step by step article about how to do it. And even after you follow those steps, it is still possible you will run into WordPress plugins that don't work properly in Google App Engine.

    At this point, Google App Engine is no greater threat to industry standard cPanel style web hosting than Microsoft Azure. That could change over time, though.
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    I tried the Google App-Engine... I got as far as downloading Python and setting up a simple PHP echo test.

    PHP on the app engine is still in a beta phase. There are a few steps to follow, and they're not well explained. However, once you're set up, it shouldn't be too hard to load a simple site, or even to set up a wordpress site. Keep in mind that for now it is a developer's oriented service, and you will have to manually upload everything, and put it all in the right place.

    If Google simplifies the process, then it will be a real game changer in the hosting arena.

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