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    mad: are Scamers: charged me and then refused to give me domain!

    Stay away of They are scam. They offer .com domains in rediculous prices, but if you pay them, then, they will not register your domain and won;t give it to you with ridiculous excuses.

    This is the story for me: I ordered a domain name early on 2nd of October and paid immediately with my paypal (Invoice | Order # 17514493). They took the money and from that time on, they started to ask me for proofs of my identity and paypal account. On the 3rth of October they send me an email saying that I was chosen for a random fraud check and asked me to send them a copy of my ID. I sent it to them the same day, a couple of hours after their message. A whole day later, they asked me now to send them a screenshot of my paypal transaction. I send them the screenshot a couple of hours later (4th of October). I was waiting but anything happened.

    I send them an email on 6th of October protesting that I didn't receive yet my domain. They answered me today, 7th of October (!) that the screenshot of my paypal transaction was not wright and to send them again like a sample they provided me. Just to mention, the screenshot I send them was the actual screenshot of the transaction details for that buy.

    I send them an email with my protest, to "offers" department (that was sending me the emails) and "customer" department, also.

    6 days after my order and the domain was still pending. So, while the status of my domain activation was "pending", I tried to register the domain to another company (Godaddy) and, voila! I registered the domain in seconds! The status of the domain activation in my account at is still "pending"!!!

    I opened at noon a dispute to Paypal to have my money back (it's not about the money as this is a very small amount, 1,6$, but the whole procedure and delay was suspicious and their behavior is offending).

    4 hours later, a lady from their "customer" department answered me: "We apologize for the any inconvenience that this has caused you. We have noted your concern as high priority and we will make sure to have this sorted out as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us at 1-300-210-210 for further questions. We would love to provide you assistance to any concerns you have regarding your account". She didn't even check what I was saying or if the domain was even available!

    I have domains since 2004 with godaddy, hostgator, namecheap, iphost and many other providers and never had problems. Whenever I was buying an international domain, the registration was immediate. Even in Greece that I live, where the registration is semi-automatically, when I register a domain I have it immediately and have the final answer if I can have it permanently a couple of days later. This is the first time that I receive such a behavior.

    Last but not least: If there was a competitor of me and tried to buy the domain after my purchase from crazydomains, he could "stole" from me, just because the tactics of this company...

    Stay away...

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    They have never done this to me when I used to use them, You should still have the invoice they sent you or receipt from when you paid them. If so send them proof that you paid them and demand a refund.

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