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Included in every package as standard:

Apache + Varnish (300x - 500x faster than standard Apache)
PHP 5.3.x
MySQL 5.5.x
POP/IMAP/SMTP and online webmail

Softaculous Premium - 290+ one click install scripts
Trendy Site Builder
Attracta SEO and Marketing Tools
CloudFlare Global Content Delivery Network
Cpanel Xtra
Varnish control via cPanel
Ruby on Rails + GEMS
Off-site back-ups (daily)
24h support

FREE Instant Setup
FREE Website Builders (including RVSitebuilder Pro with 1000+ templates)
FREE Website Migrations (We will migrate your current website free of charge!)

Portfolio Hosting
Amount of space - 500mb
Bandwidth per month - 100GB
No. of e-mail accounts - 100
MySql databases - 1

3 p/y (1.50 after discount)

Amount of space - 5Gb
Bandwidth per month - 100GB
Unlimited Domains
No. of e-mail accounts - Unlimited
MySql databases - 2

1.95 p/m (0.98 after discount)

Amount of space - 10Gb
Bandwidth per month - 1000Gb
Unlimited Domains
No. of e-mail accounts - Unlimited
MySql databases - 5

4.95 p/m (2.48 after discount)

Also included is FFMPEG, ffmpeg-php, MPlayer, Essential Codecs, Flvtool, Lame MP3, xvid/divx, Libogg, x264, FAAC, FAAD2, MPEG4, Libvorbis, Vorbis-tools, Libtheora, a52, pthreads, gpl/nonfree, FLAC, gpl version 3, cross compile, Opencore AMR 3gp Encoder and decoder | MP4Box and ASM - allowing you to setup your own video streaming and sharing site!

Full support for Zend & IonCube scripts, GD and much much more!

What makes us different?

Unlike most cheap hosting companies, we do not oversell our servers. We have an excellent business model where we can offer our customer the best hosting for the cheapest price. Our customers receive 1 to 1 technical support 24/7 and if you need help installing scripts etc. we are here to help!

Our servers are based in the UK, Hampshire and our Linux servers run CentOs 6.4 with Apache+Varnish with our normal setup being Intel cores and HP RAM. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed.

Our Data Center offers undoubtedly unparalleled connectivity as they host a regional fibre hub for a Tier 1 provider; this hub connects hundreds of local business's and neighbouring data centres to the Internet. The power is also exceptional; normally sub-stations are fed by rings which are in turn connected to larger sub-stations (every sub-station will be on a ring of some kind so 11kV ring is the norm). It is on a regional distribution boundary so it has sub-stations on two totally independent rings on the national grid. This means when there is a local or regional fault one side remains live. For us to suffer a complete power cut on both sides at the same time would either require two separate faults or a national outage. We also of course still have UPS's and backup generators with 10 days fuel.

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