We've recently created a jQuery script to deal with the recent EU legislation regarding the mention of non-essential cookies being used (tracking, livechat software etc).

Learn more about our EU cookie law script

This script can be integrated with any websites as long as you have access to the <head> section of your website. It can also be integrated with just about any software/CMS including Wordpress, WHMCS, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc

----- Learn more about our EU cookie law script or View the demo -----


- Settings Area - At the top of the script you will find a selection of settings which you can turn on or off, they are:
- Turn on/off the script
- Display only for EU visitors
- Display only on first visit even if the button isn't clicked (the BBC do this so it must be fine in the UK)
- Set the cookie days
- Extended functionality
- When set to true visitors will have the option to turn on/off cookies at anytime. At all times a icon will show at the bottom left allowing visitors to change their cookie preference. This option works directly with the PHP cookie code allowing you to load code/files only when cookies are turned on (e.g this can be used for Google Analytics which uses cookies). When set to false the script will work exactly as on Zomex.com disappearing when the button is clicked.

- Responsive - Re-size this window or view this page on your mobile device to see it in action!

- Easy to customize - The design of the notice is simple CSS which is fully editable allowing you to better match the design of your website.

- Quick &amp; easy to install - Simply include 2 lines of code in your websites's &lt;head&gt; section and you're all set (you will receive a link to our detailed installation guide in your order confirmation email)

- Strict compliance - We've included a optional way to include/load Javascript code/files in your website only if the user has accepted the notice (clicked the button). This for example could be used for Google Analytics which uses cookies, thus allowing you to make use of it while complying with this legislation.

- Light-weight - This script is very lightweight in comparison to alternatives

- Non-intrusive notice - This notice is very small and out of the way so it doesn't distract visitors from your call-to-actions but is bold enough to comfortably comply with this new legislation.

Included with your purchase

- Support - As with all of our products we provide a fantastic level of support. This includes assistance with integration and also help with customization (if post on our community forum).

- Updates - When we update this script you will gain instant &amp; free access to download the new files. We'll even email you when a new version is released.

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