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    Europe registry : Domain name redirection


    Hello, i want to redirect a domain owned by mu customer to my server IP, the domain is byed from "europe registry", i tryed many time to do redirection but nothing happen, can anyone explain me ho to redirect from europe registry management interfaces.

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    From their support pages:

    How do I edit my zone file/DNS forwarding?

    To perform DNS forwarding, this involves changing your zone file,(MX, A-Records & CNAME) use the following steps:

    Log into your account
    Click on the domain you want to modify
    From here, scroll down to DNS servers and click "Edit Zone". If edit zone is faded, click "Use Default DNS" and this will put your domain back on our name servers
    Once you have clicked edit zone, you will now be able to modify the zone file as you wish
    Click "Edit" next to the zone record you wish to edit, enter the new data in the relevant field, then click "save"
    After all modifications have been made, click "Confirm Zone Changes" and your modifications will be automatically updated

    Please Note: DNS forwarding requests will not become active unless the domain is on our name servers.
    Just change the A records there to the IP address of your server.

    Make sure that your server is set up to use both the root domain and the www. subdomain.
    Community Manager of - Domain name registration and Web Hosting. Please feel free to PM me with any queries.

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    The A, @ and www records are curently pointing to my ip, but the ns records points to the ns's of the registrar.
    on pingin the host, i can't receive any response

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    Is this domain configured to your Web Server?
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