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    * If you know how to setup gameservers, start your GSP asap, Ill provide the servers.

    So while the title might sound a little strange, I am not exactlly how to better convey the message then how I did. Here is the situation. I left the company that I used to operate and have started my own solutions company with a partner. We are offering dedicated and VPS servers, Wordpress and shared hosting, and server management services. I do not play gameservers, and do not much care for them personally, but I know that many do enjoy them, and should be able to be offered the same quality of service we strive to give our hosting clients.

    So my offer is this, if you know how to setup gameservers or voiceservers, control panels for such ( TCAdmin for example ), and know how to integrate them with WHMCS, then I will help you start a GSP. I am not really looking to make alot of revenue of this, especially when I am not really involved with the actual games and sales. I will help with the equipment and server management from my management team, so only concerned with covering the equipment cost, and once things are going and revenue is flowing, then a very small percentage which would be more then fair. I have extremely great domains already registered that can be used.

    Like I said, I do not really care to much for games, but I want customers to get what they want. So let me know, if you know your stuff and want to get into this line of work then let me know.

    Things will be handled legitimately. I expect some proof of your knowledge, so don't expect to just tell me you know what you are doing, with out showing me. PM me.

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    Hi, where will the location be based at?
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    Can you give your website address?
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    If your looking for a server manager for gameservers I can help you.

    It be nice if you have a E-mail (or skype/phone number) that we can message you to inquire this position.

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    Hey sorry I was to busy getting my vps box integrated with whmcs that I didnt see that people responded in the thread. Does any of you all have Multicraft experience? I have had a couple guys message me, and they have pulled together to start an operation, but could use someone with multicraft experience. We have TCAdmin covered ,but want to offer multicraft for minecraft. I am so swamped with the hosting side, and just like I mentioned I am just offering my resources and server management and such and well we really would like one more person who knows multicraft and wants to be a part of something substantial. I was going to use my domains gameserverx and voiceserverx, but have a much better domain, and until the site is ready, I am sorry but I do not think it is progressive for marketing to show a site that is not fully functioning, as that could take away from the first impression, but I will let it be known very soon. Thanks

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    I have glanced at multicraft, it seems pretty easy to setup based on my experiance. but I can't seem to be able to send PMs on these forums...

    Is there a E-mail where I can send my resume and details so you can contact me if you like my skills.

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    you can send it to brandon at s3connect dot com, thanks

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