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    Toshiba SAS drives? any good?

    hello has anyone used TOSHIBA SAS drives?

    Are they any good? reliable? fast?

    I am looking at their 6GB/s SAS enterprise drives (5 yr warranty)

    Any recommendations?

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    We only worked with Seagate and are quite happy with it.
    Never worked with Toshiba before, but if they offer 5 year warranty I'm sure they're reliable. - Online in no time
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    Toshiba SAS drives? any good?

    Well, I do know Apple trust(ed) Toshiba for their drives, I'm not sure about that now.

    I wouldn't take a gamble, though.
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    We use Toshiba Enterprise SATA in our India location and are really happy with the performance and reliability.

    We have had lesser failures than WD RE4/Seagate .

    Have not tried their SAS drives yet, but should be similarly reliable.
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