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    Reseller Pricing

    How do you guys usually price your reseller pricing if you were to start one? What are the factors involves that determine the price to your reseller?

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    Hardware, support, network, staff, etc... just some basic but it depends on your business plan.
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    You'll need to take the costs of everything into account. It's critical that when pricing your products and deciding on a margin that you do not over estimate or exaggerate your potential income. Set realistic forecasts and take into account future costs.

    For example, as a start up, your marketing budget will be limited and perhaps low, but if you want to have a decent marketing budget for the future, then you need to make sure your pricing takes that into consideration. You might not even have a marketing budget but that doesn't mean you won't want one in the future. If your pricing doesn't take that into account right now, then you may struggle in the future when your costs start to gradually rise in tandem with growth.

    Ultimately, you should take into account:
    - cost of provisioning core services (servers, other hardware, network)
    - licensing
    - staff (current and future) - i.e. you want to make sure you charge enough to afford to provide quality support to your clients. Importantly, don't forget that your time is also part of staff expenses and you should factor in your remuneration as well.
    - marketing, legal, accounting
    - savings (you should ensure you have money left over to save for a rainy day)

    But the above aside, you also have to consider that your pricing will influence the type of customers you receive. So you should be also looking into who your target audience is and factor that into your pricing as well.

    Make sure you take sufficient time to determine the price of your products and how much you should be charging. You'll probably find that as time goes on you will tweak your prices here and there but ensuring you set reasonable price from the get go will contribute towards creating a stable foundation for your business.
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