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    30 Review - Perfect DDoS Protection!

    My website is occasionally under DDoS attacks for quite a while now. At first I found CloudFlare, but $200/mo for a real DDoS protection (their free plan doesn't block some types of attacks well, so that's not an alternative for me) were just too expensive for me, because I'm only running a small non-profit website.

    So I went on and started to try various providers who specialize in DDoS protection, hosted solutions as well as remote DDoS protection providers. Although most of them were able to block the attacks I was getting, I wasn't happy with the uptime, performance or support. After several months of search with a lot of different providers I finally found At first I was wondering if their services were any good, considering that their plans start at only 49/mo (~$65) with a high amount of protection already. When I initially contacted the support, they replied within less than an hour with a friendly and extensive answer to my questions. This surprised me, as I was already used to a lot worse with other providers and that made me even more interested in their products. After a short discussion, they were willing to provide a free trial. Shortly after ordering the trial, I received an activation mail with instructions on how to configure their product, which was easy for me anyways, as I already had past experience with remote DDoS protections.
    I had my website running through their protected network for a day or so and the performance was great and surprisingly I didn't run into any issues at all. As their $65 plan fits my budget, I decided to go from trial to full and paid for my protection. As of now I'm with them for roughly 2 months and can't complain about anything. None of the attacks was getting through their filtering or brought it down, there haven't been any major outages and the support is pretty much the best I got with any anti DDoS provider. I'd give a 10/10 and recommend them to everyone who wants to protect his website or server without paying a fortune, while still getting an awesome service.

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    Thanks for your kind review! Glad you're happy with our services.
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