Hello all,

EuroVPS.com as a great product that is a private cloud/cluster as described at: http://www.eurovps.com/products/cloud-servers/ specially the "Entry Cluster" that costs 175Ä described at: http://www.eurovps.com/products/cloud-servers/pricing

This kind of solution meets my needs perfectly and I need to have it.. But itís out of my budjet.. so Iím looking to find a competitor hosting provider that can offer me a similar solution to EuroVPS "Entry Cluster" but at a lower price.

My main interest is the software used and cloud features used on the spceific EuroVPS setup. So I accept that to have a cheaper solution, the hardware (brand and specs) may not be equal to EuroVPS offer.

So does anyone knows where I can find a similar solution but at a lower price?

Just one more note: Im looking for services hosted on a European or UK datacenter.