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    * SAVE 50%|OVZ512 $2 | OVZ1024 $3 | OVZ2048 $6 | OWNED HARDWARE | Crissic Solutions LLC

    About Crissic: Crissic Solutions, LLC is a fast growing hosting company based out of Springfield, Missouri. We have our own ARIN allocation (AS62639). We are located within the GoRack datacenter in Jacksonville Florida, with over 50Gbps of capacity utilizing nLayer/GTT, TeliaSonera, Atrato, and peering in the Atlanta Internet Exchange AND the Jacksonville Internet Exchange.

    We own all of our hardware! From our Juniper EX3200 with a 10gbit uplink, to our Dual 5639's/5520's with 36GB of ram. We are an independent company that maintains ownership of our own hardware [b]and IP space[b] and colocate a full cabinet with GoRack in Jacksonville, FL.

    Our Promise: We promise to provide our customers with the best possible level of service with the highest grade hardware. In fact, we are so confident that you will love our services and exemplary support that we offer a 10 day money back guarantee.

    Quick AUP: We do not allow IRC, Bittorrent, P2p, Warez, spamming, or anything illegal in the state of Florida or the United States of America. PRIVATE proxies are allowed. Runescape bots & Gameservers are NOT allowed. Personal IRC Bouncers are Permitted

    Bandwidth Overage Policy: We NEVER charge for overages! If you hit your cap, your service is throttled to 10Mbps for the rest of the month. You can also purchase additional bandwidth at $2.50 per 1TB

    Speed Test: Check out our brand new looking glass page at

    Native IPv6: You want it? We got it! Native IPv6, up to 200 individual IPs FREE. rDNS INCLUDED! (Submit Ticket)


    OpenVZ Plans

    Cores: 3
    Dedicated RAM: 512 MB
    vSwap: 512 MB
    Disk: 50 GB
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB
    IPs: 2 (additional IPs available)

    Price: $2/month or $15/yr



    Cores: 4
    Dedicated RAM: 1024 MB
    vSwap: 1024 MB
    Disk: 75 GB
    Bandwidth: 3000 GB
    IPs: 2 (additional IPs available)

    Price: $3/month or $28/yr



    Cores: 4
    Dedicated RAM: 2048 MB
    vSwap: 2048 MB
    Disk: 100 GB
    Bandwidth: 5000 GB
    IPs: 2 (additional IPs available)

    Price: $6/month or $50/year



    Available Operating Systems (32 and 64 bit):
    Debian 6.0.5, 6.0.6, 7
    Fedora 17, 18, 19
    Centos 5, 6.3, 6.4
    Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04

    Don't see a template or ISO you need? Open a support ticket and we'll add it! Please note Operating System is NOT installed on initial setup. Full Instructions provided.

    1TB Bandwidth: $2.50/m
    Additional IPs: $0.50 per IP per month (or $6 per IP per year)
    Direct Admin: $5/m
    cPanel: $14.95/m

    Crissic Solutions, LLC - Affordable VPS Solutions.
    Our business is based on Honesty & Transparency!

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    4GB VPS


    Could you add a 4GB VPS along this line?

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