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    How is website delivered from web development company???

    Hello guys,
    I am new to web development scene.I have very little understanding of website development process but i am interested in learning.Today my question is about web development process.I think i have a great idea.I have money also.So i am planning to hire a web development company.In order to keep my idea fully secret.I want to hire three different companies.They will develop three sections of website.The website is a social networking kind of site.The three different sections are not related to one another.

    1.My first question is that is it possible to make website in parts???
    2.How is the the website delivered??? Is it delivered in a cd dvd or usb etc.
    3.Is it possible to redesign the website after it is fully developed???
    Please answer the questions thoroughly.Also please dont give negative comments.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Usially easy to setup site somewhere online at hidden place , may be on web companies own servers ... after all you may receive code any type of electronic communications or install it on your server .

    yes , can be developed by parts , but social networking is complicated enough and tightly joined code ... so splitting to 3 companies is bad idea ... better to have good agreement done by lawyers .
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    Web Development

    1. You can make a website in parts (like you can with any program) putting the parts together into one master site might be tricky considering three different companies are making the parts.

    2. The website is on a server, which people access through a web browser.

    3. Yes, modifications of code is possible after the publishing of the code. If you are talking about dynamically changing the site, that might be a little bit more tricky, but by no means impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack2613 View Post
    1.My first question is that is it possible to make website in parts???
    Yes, it's possible, but unless you have a very good grasp of the development process (or hire someone with the necessary skills to oversee the entire project) it's a recipe for disaster. Integrating the parts later could amount to as much work as developing them in the first place.

    2.How is the the website delivered??? Is it delivered in a cd dvd or usb etc.
    However you agree to get it delivered. Typically a new website would be demonstrated on the developer's server before final payment and then copied over to yours.

    3.Is it possible to redesign the website after it is fully developed???
    If the developer(s) have any clue what they're doing the site will be built on some kind of templating system, allowing for relatively easy design changes without affecting the function of the site. You would probably want to include that in your specification.

    Good luck.

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    Yes, you can build it in different sections, personally, I tend to develop on a differeny domain which is protected with a password. I code mainly HTML and PHP so I work with two others, one who does all the CSS and the other does JScript and Java.

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    opt for a temporary low cost server and provide the credentials to a wed developer. once the site is ready, you test it and check for bugs. once its bug free and you are satisfied. buy a dedicated server and move the site to it.

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    Having the company sign an NDA over your idea would be a much better approach. However, if you really feel that you have to split the development, make sure first reach an agreement on the technologies so all three companies will be using same language, framework, and server setup. This will spare you a lot of trouble when combining the outputs later

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    If you split the work up by three companies when it's time to put all the work together it may be a head ache for you because three different types of styles of coding. It's like a puzzle.

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    Yes websites can be built in parts, but it depends on complexity of website.

    It is always recommended to use single company for developing your project as coding style differs from company to company and may rise to complexity while integrating it together and there are higher chances that your project gets messed completely and at the end of day if bug arises it becomes very difficult to trace from which module it came from and thus which company to contact for.

    Websites are often deployed on web servers rather than CD/DVD as designers and developers need to test them on server where it will run from to trace out all dependencies their code require and whether that server fulfill it or not.

    Yes you can always redesign/recode same website but again it depends on how well developers has documented functions and procedures used. So its subjective.

    Wish you all the best for your project

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