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    I am currently thinking on how to better help our clients. We have a few servers hosting simple websites and they are full on non-technical people. We're currently giving them (more like almost forcing them ) to use CloudFlare's free plan. So far, it worked great for most of them since few require SSL or more advanced features.

    However, we would love to offer SPDY by default. Right now, the free users of CloudFlare do not have any advantages if we implement SPDY on our servers. Therefore, we are looking for alternatives.

    The preferred one would be an easy to use free CDN that would allow us to globally implement SPDY. It should integrate in cPanel like CloudFlare or be globally on for all websites present on the server.

    The lesser alternative would be to make our own CDN with globally enabled SPDY but I fear that this would open more cans of worms then it would be worth it.

    I would love to hear your opinions on this matter.

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    When you peel it back CDNs are built to work around the effects of high latency + the inefficiency of tcp (3 way handshake). The majority of worldwide customers are within 50ms of a CDN (even less in the states), probably same for CloudFlare given their network footprint nowadays. There's probably little benefit by offering SPYD edges given the technical overhead requirements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattF View Post
    There's probably little benefit by offering SPYD edges given the technical overhead requirements.
    I disagree with that. SPDY is critical for the speed of media rich websites, since it allows for a large number of requests to be processed simultaneously. This can boost speeds to new levels. Furthermore it makes development easier by almost eliminating the need for CSS sprites. It also allows responsive websites to have greater accessibility and SEO by enabling the usage of standard image tags with alt attributes.

    Also since SPDY will constitute the basis for HTTP 2.0 we would like to be one step ahead

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