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    Switch for Intel X540 NICs?

    Anyone knows what switches are available for Intel X540 10Gbps NICs?
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    For 10GBaseT, I'd recommend the Juniper EX4550-32T.
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    Ouch, still double the power of an SFP+ based setup. They really need to get a handle on that. When you've got a lot of ports that quickly adds up in to a lot of money (not just the raw power cost, but the lost opportunity cost of that power).
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    We're very happy with the EX-4550 using 10Gb SFP with mostly Intel X520-DA2 and SolarFlare SFN5152F, we also have a few EX-4200 that carry internet destined traffic.
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    If you're on a budget you could look at Netgear:

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    I'm a huge fan of the Cisco Nexus gear. I'm currently using Nexus 5548's and Nexus 5596's and love them. Their FCoE support is fantastic. That being said, I'm not sure why you're rolling with the 540's vs the 520's. The power draw copper interconnects is huge. If you're inside a rack go with the SFP+ and TwinAx cabling.

    If you absolutely need baseT, look at the nexus 5k gear with the 2232TM FEX's. I'm still not a fan of baseT, I'd rather use 10Gbit TOR switching with TwinAx and 10Gbit optical to a central distribution switch.
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