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    Hi guys,
    Sometime ago, I've seen a solution like you rent a basic server and chassis (let's assume 24HDD bays), then you have options to rent or buy memory, RAID card, HDDs and so on. Does it still exists? Which providers offer something like this? Thanks for all.

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    I would imagine most hosts that aren't entirely corporate would be able to work something like this out with you. I know we've done similar things for various clients in the past, so I don't see why a provider would refuse to work with you. You're almost certainly not going to find any plans like that listed on providers' websites though, simply because that's not something in particularly high demand in this industry.

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    Got it. However, in the past, it was showing a hosting website. I will keep looking at google. If I find, will post here later.

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    It depends very much of who do you work with. Most companies in this business do not like do things which create exceptions and I understand them. In order to provide premium SLA a web host needs to follow strict procedures. I think you'd negotiate something with a provider. However, the bigger is the web host, the more it will charge, if it accepts to lease you some hardware components.
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    I'm not sure this is the most appropriate forum for this? I think what the OP is after is a dedicated server where he can pay one-time setup fees for additional disks, RAM, etc. Or maybe that's not exactly what he's after, but that's probably the easiest way he'll get close...

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