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    How to check memory eating items?

    I face higher memory usage in off peak time. Earlier I though its the result of the brute force attack. But now there' no any attack, although my RAM usage unusual (there's no much different peak and off peak times).

    VPS info.

    1536MB Guaranteed RAM
    65GB RAID-10 Disk Space
    2x Priority 8+ CPUs
    3500GB Premium Bandwidth
    OS Cent 6.4 with Apache + Nginx
    Normally my blog off peak time there's less than 10 active visitors on my site (Google analytics). At that time RAM usage 45-55%. Peak time active visitors goes to 30, at that time RAM usage 50-70%.

    I like to know how do I check my which component eat my memory. For an instance MySQL, site plugin etc?


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    you can try type this via ssh
    # ps aux

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    Another great tools is 'htop'. Makes it a easier to get a visual of what is utilizing the most RAM, CPU, etc. Easily sort the list, easily kill an item, easily get a quick overview of how things are running.
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    top or htop should do better than ps aux
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