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    Difference in upload speeds


    I thought the issue of the difference between Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome in uploading files is due to the script of the website, I decided to test the upload and compare between both IE10 and chrome and found the difference in the attached screenshot. This shows both started at the same time but IE10 is away much much faster than chrome!

    Would anyone please advise how to solve this issue?

    By the way, IE finished the upload around 6 times faster than chrome !!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The website is hosted on a managed VPS and I posted here because I don't know where else to post this question in the forums.

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    I would not recommend you try to upload speed test at the same time with diffrent brwoswer, why dont you try them seperately one after another to get more accurate result? Windows might adjust upload speed bettwen browswers even tabs.
    Nam Huy Linux Blog

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    I tried this again now and found the same results!

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    try with the closest location to you at seperate time.
    maybe you have diffrent configs for your browswer? I dont use chrome or IE, but i know i can adjust http.pipelining stuff w/ firefox
    Nam Huy Linux Blog

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    Perhaps IE is ignoring caching rules sent by the server. Did you try clearing cache and then running the tests again?

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    with I found the following:

    Uploading speed: 27.89 Mbps
    Downloading speed: 33.78 Mbps
    Ping 4 ms

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    Yes I tried clearing the cache several times and still the same results! I've also tried using another computer

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