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    Hi guys and girls,

    Does anybody have experience with wefact:hosting.


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    Re: Wefact:Hosting

    I heard that wefact is part of resellerhub. Partners under reseller hub will give you a good price and options for your business development but the server and support is worse.

    There are too many people suffered by indirect partners of reseller hub. Im one among them.

    Im not sure how wefact managing the support team. Make sure you verify the support and server uptime before you leap into the hosting with them

    Hemanth Kumar

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    I think we talk about a different company, Sorry my fault, my initial post was a little short.

    Wefact:hosting is a client administration, and billing solution for hosters, just like boxbilling, blesta and WHMCS, due to the issues with before mentions panels i am lookign to switch to Wefect. But before i do, i love to hear about your expiernces if any?

    as i am a newbie with limited post capacity (no urls yet) i cannot post a url: wefact .com/ hosting

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    We also use WeFact for our billing.
    A very good system, bugs are fixed quickly.

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    What billingsystems are you useing in cooperation with it. as we are looking to utilise Mrcash (belgium)


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    We export our invoices to CSV for our accountant.

    Or do you mean Payment providers? We use iDEAL (Rabobank) and Paypal.

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    thanks for the quick answer. other people ?

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    Re: Wefact:Hosting

    The reason for my reply is

    1) your billing portal looks exactly like resellerhub super site.
    2) you are the partners of Directi support team.

    So it seems that wefact are partner for reseller hub also few of my friends said the same.

    I wonder who exactly sells the product api??? If it's not linked with resellerhub then let me give a try with the panel by tomorrow.


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    Hi Hemanth,

    No problem! We work with DirectI indeed.


    Documentation and example files are available if your domain registrar or payment provider is not supported!
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    WeFact Hosting an easy-to-use automated billing solution for hosting companies.
    Thousands of hosters already love our billing software and great support!

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