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    Need help choosing router (software or hardware)


    I had running for the last 4 years a Dell 2950 with VMWare esxi 3.5 in colocation at iWeb, and I I am in the process of upgrading/adding my infrastructure.

    I just bought a used Dell Equallogic PS6000 with 16x250 drives, 2x Dell powerconnect 5324 switch and a second Dell PowerEdge 2950.

    I will be using VMWare VSphere 5. (unfortunately budget wise I can only afford at the moment VMWare Essantial Kit).

    In the current infrastucture I am using Vyatta in a VM for my router.

    I will probably also move my UC540 (VoIP from Cisco) into that infrastucture.

    So what should be my head router? Should I build 2 Vyatta VM (Primary and redondancy) or should I go with a hardware router? Would a rv220w from cisco do the job?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Most of the stuff I do is self learn and help would be appreciated.


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    I would vote for hardware router (prefer Cisco if you can afford it)

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    Yes, I agree if you have enough money you should buy Cisco if you want to have a good router.

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    The rv220w doesn't have very good reviews, I would choose a different model.

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    Hardware - Cisco or Juniper. We were all cisco before, but since trying out some Juniper hardware, really dig it now.

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