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    Help and opinions in creating and placing advertisements.


    I have been trying for years now to advertise various programs (affiliate and non-affiliate ) with little success I may or may not be doing it the right way ways - that is why I am contacting you.

    I have some of them on my website but my website has not been doing very well and so I have been promoting it in other ways the main one is on classified add sites and forums. I also use Facebook in a smaller way advertising in their groups .

    I realize that this can take time but if you know of any good or proven places to advertise I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

    As I am not very good at writing ads - I would appreciate it if anyone of you out there could give me some tips on the best types of ads to use and the best sections or areas in a classified ad sites to place the ads in to get the best results.

    What I would like to do if anyone would be kind enough to offer me your help or suggestions - if I could ask you to contact me through my website I will then send you the as I have been writing up and the reply that I also send out to anyone who is interested this is so that I will be able to keep my ads semi private and also many forums and classified add sites do not allow you to post links or email addresses.

    To put it in a nutshell I would simply like help with the creation of ads and the placement of them.

    Thank you to anyone who can and is willing to offer me help and their opinions Craig

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    My most important advice when writing ads would be to keep your main message clear and include a visible call-to-action.
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    there is nothing more annoying than seeing ads on a site.If i am going to use a site that has them.If my ad blocker doesnt block them i make sure that i do

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    There's too much to say to make you WIN. You need to hire an experienced marketing consultant who can give you all the secrets to making money. You are not going to get all that here in this thread, I guarantee it.

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