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    htaccess and mod_rewrite rule issue after uninstalling vBSEO

    I'm willing to pay if someone can help me resolve this. We had vBSEO installed to rewrite vBulletin URLs and the product is now dead and unsupported. We had to uninstall it due to security and severe performance issues. We implemented vBulletin's version of "friendly" URLs, but the format is different and it has broken all of our inbound links.

    Modifications to the .htaccess file was mentioned in the uninstall instructions for vBSEO.

    There were many options that could be used to rewrite the URLs but I've been unable to figure out how to get the URLs working for our existing links.

    Here's a sample link:

    New link format:

    Old link format:

    The old forum links had the forum name and Toyota-MR2 in the link. Any ideas on how to make the old format links redirect to the new format?

    For reference, we posted the question on as well.

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    The answer is a long list of 301 redirects mapping old URLs to new URLs.

    I could generate a huge copy-pasteable block for your .htaccess, if you can get me a full list of old and new URLs.
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    If the uninstall of vBSEO removed some of the htaccess components, is it possible to restore that file from a prior date, and it resolve the issue? I may be looking at this too literally. The way I'm viewing it, everything worked fine until you removed vBSEO, and htaccess modifications are mentioned as part of the uninstall of that. So, removing vBSEO modified htaccess and broke your site. So, if you restore htaccess, but not reinstall vBSEO, would that fix the issue?

    I'm not specifically familiar with vBSEO. NathanHawks might have the better solution. I was just looking for a quick fix.
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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there's over 97,000 threads and just under 1,000,000 posts, each which have links. It'd be way too much to accommodate that.

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    Actually, according to Google, there is no limit. The only issue would be automating the creation of the list. Perhaps they exist in the database?

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