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    UK/EU Dedicated server with at least 8gb of RAM


    I'm struggling to find a provider to match my requirements, the dedicated server offers on this forum is a mind-field to try and find anything and the majority of them are US based.

    What I need:
    - UK provider although I don't mind going into the EU market as they seem to have better value.
    - Server needs at least 8GB RAM
    - Bandwidth not an issue but will need at least 100MB dedicated line will be using less than 200GB bandwidth outgoing a month
    - HDD size not an issue
    - CPU not really an issue anything above an Atom really, I3/5/7 or Xeon not bothered.
    - Unmanaged service

    I'm basically looking for the cheapest possible deal, preferably someone who owns and manages their own DC or have their own Hardware in a DC.

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    Data center
    Do you have any preffered budget? or a budget range?

    'Cheap' does not tell us much to give you a suggestion.

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    Hard to say, if the network quality is good then I don't mind paying more. Its hard to get a price as there doesn't seem to be many hosts offering what I need.

    I have US based servers, these are the ones I have:

    So something in this price/spec range around $50USD a month?

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    2,073 have cheap unmanaged servers from 9.9Eu. No idea about quality, recently they took 6 days to reply my pre sales question.
    Openvz SolusVm VPS DDOS Protected Canada & Romania
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    @LankapartnerHost thanks for the suggestion they certainly seem to have the hardware at way below my budget but they seem to have serious network issues from the reviews I have read with constant packet loss and unstable pings. I will keep them in mind if I can't find anything else.

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    You should give hetzner's server bidding a shot

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    I've bee nusing a server for some months now, they should be able to meet all your needs as standard, but you can always ask...

    They seem to have a strong relationship with their DC, Timico, in the UK
    Watch this space...

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