Hi guys,

I need your help. I got a problem with playing the video formats on flash. I can't be able to play the live streams for some type of protocols in flash, e.g: http, rtsp, mms, m3u8, rtmp. I can play on some rtmp, but not most of all. I can't be able to play the http, rtsp, rtmpe, mms, m3u8 and flv.

I used something like this to play the video in the ur:


It will not let me to play those formats. I tried to play those formats on vlc and simpletv which is working fine. I guess that flash doesn't support those formats type I want to play.

I want to play those formats in flash, because they are working much better than any other video player which it doesn't freeze or stop, the video get less buffering.

Does anyone know how I can play those formats in flash or if you know what plugin is the best to support those formats?

I also want to know how I can add the frame in front of flash?

If you believe that it will not work even if i need to make my own plugin, I want to know where I should start with to make my own plugin to allow me to play those formats i want?