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    Worst Agent Experience: NetSol

    Lori was great on 10/4. She was the third agent in a nightmare experience with NetSol. The first agent from my call on about 10/1 was supposed to delete some old, unused emails (since you wont let us do that). If you can find the recording of that call, you will hear that I implored him not to accidentally delete my main email account ([email protected]). This holds 6 years of our company data. I mentioned it because he WAS supposed to delete a similar email ([email protected]). Of course he deleted [email protected]. So on 10/3 when the deletion took place, I called in, very stressed, believing what we in the general public have always heard "once you delete an email, its contents are gone forever". Even though I was very stressed, I wasn't rude or mean when I called. But I got the worst agent in my entire life of dealing with call center agents anywhere. You could find this call at about noon on 10/3 (Lori was a couple of hours later at about 2pm CST - she was great). The noon agent, after hearing that my primary email had been mistakenly deleted, proceeded to lecture me (not taking into account that this is really scary for someone whose livelihood may literally be threatened by this). Instead of being calming, reassuring, or even just telling me right away that he COULD restore the email, he began to say that I must be responsible since you authenticate all callers, then as I got more stressed (still no harsh language, just me pleading that he stop lecturing and fix it ASAP), he did the right-out-of-a-movie agent horror "ok, I am going to transfer you if you are going to be irate". Well, yes, by now I was ready to rip his gullet from his body I was so angry. But I still wasn't swearing, just imploring him to get us up and running ASAP. So I am going to copy this and paste it everywhere now. NetSol won the most horrible agent experience of my life award - not an easy feat. Too bad, because you have some great people too (like Lori).

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    And why exactly are you posting this here?

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    But since you seem to have a problem with that, I will try to delete it. Whatever DB.

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