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    Hyper-V with striped/raid 0 drives question

    I have Windows 2008 with Hyper-V and two new extra unallocated 1TB disks. I run Centos inside a VM. My question is, which would be better?

    A) Have the two disks in striped volume under Windows to combine them, make a virtual disk out of the new volume and mount it on the VM.

    - or -

    B) Just mount the two disks on the VM and have mdadm do a raid 0 on those two new disks.

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    The first option is more portable if you need to move the VM between hosts. I think the second would have ever-so-slightly better performance though if that's a concern.
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    This should help you decide:

    Anyway, you should have 2 options here:
    A. Create a VHD storage file, on the 2 drives (raid) mounted as a file system on hyper-v
    B. Use pass-through and expose the raid volume as a disk to the VM (not the disks individually)

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