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    Setting up and Installing XEN and SolusVM

    looking for a beginers guide for Installing XEN and SolusVM or a system admin service that i can pay to proform the install

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    Do you already have a master running to control your slaves?
    That's step #1 that you need to take care of.

    Getting it installed is not that hard, you have to follow the steps on the SolusVM wiki. - Online in no time
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    right now im using VMware i only have one server and i want to get away from VMware because it sucks for control panels for customers and i want to move to something that's more automated i have a long background in computers its just when it comes to Linux i get lost i have ordered books as i know im more then capable of learning this stuff but right now my trial is is running out of VMware and i would like to move to something cheaper i understand that as a host that i hold a responsibility to provide great services to my customers and i just want to do everything the right way as i get though my books that are coming in this week

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