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    Ads, widgets, comments system disappeared from the site


    Just yesterday something weird happened to my site.
    All the Javascript powered widgets, adsense ads, discuss comments system and sharing buttons have disappeared. They just doesn't load on any of the website pages.

    I've checked with the server and they say it's not the issue.
    A friend of mine checked and said that everything appears fine on Firefox but not on Chrome. Although Firefox on my PC doesn't show anything either.

    I didn't modify settings, code or anything on the site. This just happened suddenly.
    Could someone take a look and tell me what could be wrong here.

    It would be much appreciated

    here's the link for the site -

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    Everything seem ok

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    Really? What's the browser you're using?

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    My mobile i switch it to desktop mode and is seem alright

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoHelpHost View Post
    My mobile i switch it to desktop mode and is seem alright
    I see.. Thanks for the reply. I will try to see if it works on other platforms.

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    It's fixed now. Turns out it was a server issue after all.
    First time something like this happened.

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