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    Confusion over Amazon s3 & Cloudfront


    I am in the process of implementing a CDN for one of my wordpress sites. It it my first time using a CDN.

    I have selected Amazon cloudfront-- but I am confused about how i should go about implementing it.

    Do i want to have a copy of my sites files stores on S3, and then fed to cloudfront for delivery? Like this (my site >>> S3 >>> cloudfront >>> visitor )

    Or, is it ok to have the files stores on my site and then fed directly to cloudfront for delivery? like this: (my site >>> cloudront >>> visitor)

    How would using S3 & cloudfront benefit me? What is the optimal choice?

    I have seen many conflicting articles around the web, so i am comfused.

    Thanks in advance,


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    for safety reasons, i would chose site -> s3 -> cf -> visitor
    if you have backups and pipe to feed the cf for 1st time usage, use site -> cf -> visitor

    I think the main idea behind S3 -> CF is what happens with your website if your server goes down?
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