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    Looking for a DC in the Hamilton Ontario area

    Hey all, I am looking for a DC that can offer:

    -1U, or 2U
    - 2-3AMPS of power
    - 2 public ip addresses would be awesome
    - Either unescorted access, or an area where we can plug in locally to upload to the box.

    Purpose: I have a photography company and we have a rack up here in Ottawa, however, the photographers in the Hamilton area need a fat pipe to upload to our servers up here after an event. Even better, they can just copy the images on a server down there, which can remain on that server while we wait for the cards to be couriered up to us... then our server here, can pick the files needed while we wait from that server in the colo down there.

    Basically this is just a server that they dump files on and walk away.

    Any assistance would be appreciated, I'll also be in Hamilton later in November so maybe tour any potential DC's.

    When I say Hamilton, it could be anywhere in the Ancaster to Oakville to Hamilton sort of location.


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    I don't think you'll find anything in Hamilton, if you look towards Missauga/Toronto there are plenty of options.
    Even IF the server was in Hamilton chances are it would go to Toronto and back unless the DC was peering with your ISP in Hamilton which is extremely unlikely, I doubt any ISP would have peering there.
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    Yeah, there is a lot in Toronto, it was just so that my photographers can use a DC in their city rather than driving to Toronto.


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    I concur with the others, Toronto is probably your best bet! - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    Maybe you can find some DCs offering what you want here:
    Amanah Tech Inc. | Always On.
    100TB Dedicated Servers & 100TB Colocation.

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