We're offering an anti-ddos proxy service. HTTP services only.

Protection up to 10Gbps and 6m PPS shared.
1TB clean traffic ($50/month)
2TB clean traffic ($100/month)
Dedicated IP address is +$8 a month to both prices and is required to protect multiple domains
Pay by Paypal

Clean traffic includes both upload AND download through the proxy.

We're offering a cheap DDoS protection solution from a fantastic provider. The server is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Set-up is completely free WITH trial!: You can try us for 48 hours as well and if you don't like our services or they don't help you, you can leave with no questions asked.

Month-to-month payments: We don't have yearly, or bi-annual contracts that lock you into staying with us. Simply notify us in advance before your next payment as per the terms, and we will cancel your service at the end of the term.

Note: This is a limited offer and I am an individual supplying these on a limited basis. We are selling excess resources cheaply from expensive purchased DDoS protection. The protection you'll be receiving is shared with us, but we don't get many attacks. This is an amazing opportunity to get really cheap, but powerful DDoS protection.

Contact us about setting up service for you or if you have any questions. Please email us.

Let us know the site needing protected. Support and sales are provided by email and skype chat. Just email me with what you're interested in, and we'll work with you. If you need a custom set up, let me know as well and I might be able to help you. I'm highly experienced with working with all types of DDoS protection and proxy services.

We can also talk on Skype face to face if you wish.

Email: [email protected] to get started.