Hello, Iím selling some banners spots on my website. The main contents of the site are guides for online games, written by myself. At the moment there are exactly 870 guides that are all available in 2 languages: english and italian. Guides are added daily.
The site itís up by 1 year, is well indexed in search engines and has the 1st page on google especially for the Italian content.
It gets 32k page views and 11k unique visitors monthly, 60% of them from Italy. In the last months the traffic is increasing by about 4-5k page views every month.
Possible banner spots are:
1)Leaderboard or banner on the top center of every page
2)Banner above every article
3)Rectangle or Banner below every article
4)Rectangle, Sky or Square on the side bar

Not accepting banners to gambling/adults sites.

About url and price we can discuss them on pm.
Stats are taken from histats, I can give you a screen as proof if needed. A little discount for who get 3 months. Payments with paypal.