There are many ways to make a good income by running a forum, which explains why so many people try to set one up. Unfortunately, while this type of website has many advantages, it also has some drawbacks that can make it hard to become successful.

Advantages of Forum Ownership

Forums have several advantages over other types of websites. A few of these are the variety of monetization available, the use of user-generated content, and the sense of community that comes with a popular forum.

Monetization is the easiest part of forum success. There are just so many ways to profit from a forum. You can place ads on the boards text or banners and use this as a passive income stream. You can set up private paid forum sections. You can even charge a monthly fee for membership.

Forums do well with the search engines which can bring in lots of free traffic. Because users are posting constantly, there is always fresh, unique content. Much of this content will be optimized for keywords within the niche, or topic, that your forum covers. Most webmasters have to rely on creating their own content or paying a writer to do it.

As a forum grows, the sense of community grows with it. This sense of community creates a core group of rabid fans, who not only love the topic, but also tend to feel protective over the forum community.

Drawbacks to Forum Growth

There are two main drawbacks to growing a forum, one major and one that's not as crucial. The major drawback is that forums don't attract new members unless there is a lot of activity on the boards. Unfortunately, without members, there won't be much activity, even if you post all day, every day. It's the discussion and interaction between members that is the biggest attraction for new members.

The second drawback to owning a forum is that it's a bit more labor-intensive than other types of websites. You must do quite a bit of moderation in order to keep the board useful. That means screening for spammers and putting a stop to any undesirable behaviors before they have a chance to overwhelm your forum.

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