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    personal proxy server at Singapore via vps needed. please help

    hello guys,

    i am in need of a personal proxy server at Singapore. other location wont work because our countries bandwidth comes from there and i get a low ping at there. because our government is greedy about the internet, tax is really high. it costs about $100 per Mbit/s. buy we get good connection from Singapore servers.

    it will be only for personal use and needs to be secured.

    what i will do with the VSP:

    >will browse internet
    >will watch videos at youtube
    >might download few files.
    -[sometimes might watch .... you know what i mean ]

    What i except from the provider:

    >good connection Speed (10 Mbps maybe)
    >Atlest 50GB disk space or 20GB SSD
    >white labeled IP address | server must not be blacklisted.
    >Good Security
    I dont know how much Ram or CPU i need so please suggest me.

    Optional: Setup everything for me.

    My budget is about 10-20 usd per month depending on the offer. but the lower is better.

    can anyone provide what i seek ?

    thanks in advance.

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    I'd take a look at OneAsiaHost. I think they've got a rep on here too. I had a VPS with them for a short while as part of a DNS cluster I was running. Usage was low and my need was very minimal, but they're one provider I know that offers from that region.

    Good luck!
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