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    Question high bandwidth servers, mp3s, etc

    i run a site that serves a lot of (legal) mp3s - i've been using 100tb for my servers and have no problem with them. however, as the traffic increases and i need more servers, paying $200/server/month becomes difficult to scale.

    so two questions:
    1. can anyone recommend a good and cheaper alternative that also offers 100tb bandwidth per month?

    2. i noticed some hosts say "no mp3 streaming" - what exactly does this mean? if i am just running lighttpd and serving mp3s, browsers, mobile apps, etc, can still "stream" these mp3s (ie it plays while they download) - does this count as "stream?" also, sometimes, i send an m3u back that just contains mp3 links (all hosted via lighttpd with no plugins etc) - so that it plays mp3 one, then two, and so on. is that considered streaming?


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    What are the other specs that you are looking for? (CPU? RAM? HD? Location?
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    You may want to consider an unmetered provider that way you do not have to worry about overages.
    Never heard of 'no a mp3 streaming' high bandwidth provider. Could be to prevent against DMCA. |The Leader in High Bandwidth and Specialized Hosting Solutions
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    Quote Originally Posted by WizzSolutions View Post
    You may want to consider an unmetered provider that way you do not have to worry about overages.
    Never heard of 'no a mp3 streaming' high bandwidth provider. Could be to prevent against DMCA.

    Most providers say that they don't allow video/mp3 streaming, because majority of customers' intention is to stream illegal content. If you are legit, I doubt any provider disallow the streaming.

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    You can check SS dedicated servers:

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    thank you everyone.
    perhaps you are right, that the reason is to avoid illegal content, dmca take downs, etc.
    requirements for cpu are not high (jobs are not very cpu intensive, mostly io intensive). currently servers have a xeon e3-1230 that's not more than 10% busy most of the time. ram, probably at least 8gb. location is flexible. hd probably 1tb is enough.

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    If you are after a server with 100TB of bandwidth, you won't find too many that are priced below $200/mo and which the provider permits streaming, etc.
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    A lots of provider could offer you 100TB server, However you must make sure everything is good for DMCA. - Dedicated Servers - Cloud Servers - CDN
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    Your requirements seem very reasonable, even for streaming.

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    any location is fine.

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    Your specs are good. Maybe it will be difficult to find with the pricing that you are looking for. Have you thought about buying second hand server and then do colocation? It will be much cheaper this way and you can have 100tb bandwidth and the other specs that you want with a cheaper monthly cost.
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    Way expensive. Look for cheaper server in offer forums.

    Quote Originally Posted by WebHostDog View Post
    You can check SS dedicated servers:

    Their 100TB bandwidth upgrade is only $100/mo.

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    I'm back-tracking a little here but keen to understand why you need a number of servers?

    You say the CPU load is low so it can't be that, so I suspect one of the following:

    1. You are close to using the whole 100TB transfer allowance on each machine

    2. The network connection per machine isn't fast enough/too much contention means you can't utilise enough bandwidth

    3. You are maxing out the disk access speed.If there is another reason please mention it.

    If it's one of these, here are my suggestions:

    1. Find a provider with a larger allowance. OK, easier said than done, but you will probably find buying bandwidth on 95th percentile is more cost effective at those kind of levels. You are looking at 350-400MBit I would guess.

    2. Contention (or worse traffic shaping) affects all dedi servers and the ones with big bandwidth allowances even more so. I don't know what the prices are like in the US but here in the UK there is no way I could buy 400MBit (roughly 100TB/month) for under $200. Because of that fact alone there must be contention on the network, and the host must be overselling. Again, try buying on the 95th instead - it may not be cheaper, but it will guarantee that you can actually use the full bandwidth you are paying for. If I was buying 400MBit I would expect a GigE line that had no traffic shaping and, obviously, a bill for any overages.

    3. If this is the case, have you considered swapping your storage drive(s) for SSD? This will give you vastly improved storage access and you will therefore be able to serve content quicker. If you library of data is too large to consider SSD, could you optimise your site so that current popular/trending files are copied to the SSD and served from there?

    Call me old fashioned, but just throwing server power at a problem is rarely the best way of improving performance. It's all very well for bragging rights 'my site needs 10 servers to run' (or whatever you have) but if each of those is costing you $200 and two well optimised systems could do the job perfectly well my opinion would be that the $1600 saved each month is far better! This may not be the situation in this case but if we can understand what the limitations are on your current setup I'm sure people can help with the best solution.

    By all means give some feedback on the above and I'll come back with any advice I can offer.

    Cheers, Chris

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