For this week we are having a special offer on a very nice configuration and at a first month price of $39.99 to encourage you to try our services. Should you decide to stay it will only be $79.99 per month thereafter which is still a bargain. These are excellent servers and at a bargain price so if you are looking to move to a new server then this is the time to grab one.

Please make sure to use the 40usdless coupon on checkout to receive the discount. Also please note this offer is valid for a limited time and a limited quantity only.

The dedicated servers come with the following services.
- custom partitioning.
- OS reloads for free.
- the servers are unmanaged but support is provided on a best effort basis.

** Please note these are server grade systems **


2 x Xeon quad core 5420 + 16GB ECC RAM + 2x500GB SATA +10TB/1GBPS +1 IP

East Coast USA

Billing Cycle
$79.99 USD Monthly = $39.99 after 40usdless coupon

Configurable Options

This product/service has some options which you can choose from below to customise your order.


Centos 5.x stable 64-bit
Centos 6.x stable 64-bit
Debian latest stable 64-bit
Fedora latest stable 64-bit
Ubuntu latest stable 64-bit
Xenserver 5.x
Windows 2008 STD Edition 64-bit $29.99 USD

Control Panels:

SolusVM OVZ / Centos 6.x 64-bit install only
SolusVM XEN / Centos 5.x 64-bit install only
Hypervm / Centos install only
cPanel/WHM $32.99 USD
cPanel/WHM/Fantastico $36.99 USD


1 IP
4 IP $3.99 USD
12 IP $10.99 USD
25 IP $23.99 USD

To purchase and configure these servers with control panels, IP's and various OS's please visit the following special link.

These servers are available only from the special link so please make sure to use the link below.


Also feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any pre-sales questions you might have.

Kindest regards always,