Total Server Solutions

Server management, simple? Those two things don't usually go together. At Total Server Solutions those two things are at the very core of our business. We know that you've got a website to run, a business to run, and a life to live.

Total Server Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing unsurpassed support and technical services to the web hosting community. Over the years, Total Server Solutions has grown to offer some of the finest colocation facilities in the world as well as fully managed dedicated server offerings, custom solutions, and cloud computing services.

The entire team at Total Server Solutions takes great pride in delivering the best services and products to customers world wide. Our main aim is to help our customers grow their businesses. To that end, we are staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (except on leap years when we're staffed for 366 days).

Total Server Solutions has a full range of services to help manage your equipment so you can get on with tending to the business side of your business.

Total Server Management - $149/month Order Now
Our most comprehensive service is Total Server Management. Our expert team can work with you through the entire server life-cycle, from initial server setup through security hardening, to routine maintenance and optimization.

  • Control panel setup.
  • Quick security audit.
  • Compiler and fetch utility access can be limited too root only.
  • Folder/directory permissions setup to prevent directory traversal of unprivileged users.
  • Host.conf & sysctl security hardening.
  • Noexec, Nosuid temporary directories.
  • RkHunter installation.
  • Installation and configuration of APF firewall.
  • Kernel updates.
  • Hardening of SSH service.
  • TCP/IP hardening.
  • Upon request, we can secure your PHP installation as well.
  • BFD (Brute Force Detection) system installation.
  • We update all server & control panel software.
  • We disable any and all unused services to further secure and optimize performance of your server.
  • Total Server Solutions technicians install and configure mod_security with a mildly aggressive ruleset.
  • We comprehensively monitor your system integrity.
  • Our team performs a package audit of your RPM system.
  • All common services are checked and locked down as needed.
  • Upon request, our team can install mod_dosevasive.
  • Also upon request, Zend Optimizer can be installed to improve PHP performance.
  • Services monitored include FTP, SSH, E-Mail, DNS, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, Disk space on / and /tmp. Server load is also monitored.

*Total Server Management includes up to 5 hours of support services per month.


Hourly Services - $75/hour Order Now
While our monthly Total Server Management services are the best value, we realize that some customers do not wish to purchase services on a per month basis. We are happy to offer hourly management when you need it.


Individual Services
If you have a specific task that you need completed, our individual services are for you. Individual services are just what you need on a one-time basis, nothing more, nothing less. You should be aware though, that our Total Server Management option already includes many of our individual services.