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Blazing Fast Web Hosting.

Have you been in the market for shared linux web hosting? Is speed your top priority?

All of our web hosting packages come with with apache gzip compression at the highest level. What does this mean for you?

Well the average page loads on shared hosting is around 6-8 seconds! Would you visit any site that loaded in 6 seconds or more?

No of course not and your visitors won't either!

That is why 100% of our clients have moved from another web host. You see starting out performance and speed may not be the top priority on your list. Once you realize how slow your web site is you might start looking for a performance minded host like Vaurent.

Most go through the motions trying to get their site up to speed. Popular plugins for Wordpress sites enables caching giving you a speed boost but your page loads may still be up to 4 seconds! Using our high speed compression on our servers allow us to generate an average page load of wordpress sites in under 2 seconds! That is faster than 80% of the websites out there!

We have upgraded our Executive Web Hosting servers to the latest generation of Multi Core Intel XEON processors. With these new hardware enhancements we are able to deliver more performance at the same cost. More performance means faster page loads, which means higher quality of service to customers. Of course high speed cutting edge servers isn’t the only thing to be excited about, our “Intelligent” support staff is the real deal. Our Intelligent support staff is comprised of industry proven veterans with solutions engineering at the forefront of their mind.
More Speed for Executive Web Hosting

Fast page loads are no longer a nice touch, they are required to keep your page rank and maintain a great user experience. With our new generation of servers in the datacenter we had to take web performance to the next level. Utilizing advanced compression and caching technologies we are able to deliver your website to your audience up to 100 times faster than before.

Fast Web Hosting | Cloud Flare Ready | Speed Optimized | Intelligent Support

Each of these features is included in every package:

Web hosting Simplified.
Single click application install.
Unlimited Databases.
Start a blog, forum, wiki, photo journal, personal page in minutes.
Unlimited Email Accounts.
99.9% up-time guaranteed.
Over 4500 pre made website templates for you to choose from.
Free Basekit Sitebuilder and Website builder tools.
Connect to your audience globally.
SSH access.
Cpanel access.
Video Tutorials.
Daily Backups

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You Get This
Optimized Security
Cloudflare Ready
Faster Page Loads
50GB Bandwidth
15GB Storage
Unlimited Email
Unlimited MySQL
Only $10 monthly

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And This

Social Media Integration
Web Hosting
Custom Domain Name
In Depth Analytics
Executive Support
SEO Integration

Basekit WebSite Builder

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Create your own website and mobile site
Choose From Over 200 Professional Web Templates
Perfect for small businesses, creative artists, and even rockstars
SEO and Analytics Integration Built In
Easily Create Forms inside your pages
NO html / programming experience unnecessary

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