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    Need dedicated server for 100$

    10TB bandwidth
    quad core (Xeon E3-1230V2 ?)
    8gb ram
    100% uptime

    Location can be somewhere in america!

    Please advise me!


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    You have quite some demands for your budget I think it will be very hard to impossible.
    100% uptime on server-level is also not something anyone can guarantee, as hardware can fail. - Online in no time
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    I agree with the above post.

    It is hard to achieve 100% up time since hardware failure is always there including network.
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    ReliableSite.Net LLC

    Is it good to go?

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    You can try the Dedicated servers offer forum. On that forum do a search using the keyword "$100" and look for offers suitable for you.
    Although I believe you will are going to have a hard time in finding servers with the specs you want with this budget.
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    For starters, 100% uptime doesn't exist. If someone does offer it they are just using it as a marketing gimmick. It's impossible if you don't have redundant hardware, power, and network; all of which you will not find for under $400 nevermind $100.

    Aside from that, contrary to what everyone else is saying, you should have no problem getting that server configuration for under $100. Try contacting a few providers on here and I'm sure they'll be more than willing to match your price.
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    The budget is good. The actual CPU is Xeon E3-1230v3. Most of the providers nowadays achieve network uptime of 100%. Server uptime is different if something fail or you mess it - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    Need dedicated server for 100$ for that budget

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    you can check reliableste n datashack
    but i doubt you can get 100% uptime, there's a time one of your hardware broke

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    I Like sagoNet, for $79.00 you can get exactly this you want (so you can spend more on additional disk space or raid...)

    If you are in the spirit, VolumeDrive (who went some heavy catastrophes in august-september) can be an option. The ~100% uptime may be an issue.
    <cant post links>

    I found also good quad cores on server4you:
    <i cant post links>

    There are some more budget servers in the US.

    I've been a customer of sago net, the first option I said, for years. They had some problems the beginning of this year and recently I noticed some unstabilities that I can't say for sure its my backbone or theirs (from some places occasionally I can't access the server while from others I always can). But generally they are good, and I noticed its network speed (currently, as of 2013-10-06) is better than VolumeDrive. Could have been routing to the place I tried the download anyway.

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