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    Prevent htaccess overrides, PHP on cPanel

    I have folders that users will be FTP'ing to.
    By default, cPanel allows PHP. That's not safe, not what I want.

    The domain root will be unavailable to them.
    Using htaccess, I want to
    - disable PHP extensions via htaccess,
    - prevent htaccess overrides --- so somebody can't just override it and re-enable the PHP extensions

    I'm not seeing what to do here.
    My own trials were wrong, and some things I found via Google were wrong.
    I kept getting 500 errors.

    This was so much easier on Windows.



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    Does it have to be done in .htaccess or can you edit the config files (httpd.conf et al)? This is much better done in the config files (in a Directory or DirectoryMatch container). Other than having root change ownership / permissions on .htaccess IDK how you'd protect it against modification.

    Then it depends how you run PHP: "php_admin_flag engine off" works for DSO but for suPHP I think you need a different php.ini.

    IIRC cPanel used to have a stupid default allow-cgi-everywhere setup - if that's still the case you'll also need "Options -ExecCGI".
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    Is there a need to allow the FTP access to the folder that is inside the docroot?

    I would have thought that choosing the appropriate permissions and directory location is a better option than potentially allowing something that is not wanted to be available once uploaded.
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    The entire domain (subdomain actually) can be disabled, if needed.

    There's going to be dozens of users, and I want to prevent any common security risks -- PHP, ini files, htaccess, etc. I trust them all, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. They will all need FTP access. It's for large files to be attached to a forum manually.

    It's suPHP.

    htaccess was just am idea. I'm open to others.

    Because users will be added as needed, frequency unknown but assumed several monthly, I want this to be as easy as possible. htaccess was easy. If that means disabling it on the whole domain, then so be it.
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