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    Keywords position?

    Hi all exists any differents use like keyword "Chile Hosting" or "Hosting Chile"

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    Nowadays Search engine consider relevant topic and relevant details sending with us and you have added that both keywords is searching wise is same but that submission both are difference..
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    Dosn't matter

    its not affect up to 2 word phrase query
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    Hello guys! I am new to this term "Keyword Position", I want to know what are it's effect to the ranking of a website and how could we use this to get a good Pagerank.
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    Generally, I believe that the term "keyword position" is a little different from your actual question. What you are interested in is the importance of the actual word order.

    If you try for example in Google and search for "Hosting Chile" or "Chile Hosting" it will bring you a much bigger difference in number of results than when you make the same search in Yahoo. I do remember an article from one of the members of SEObook where he expresses the opinion that the word order does not seem to matter significantly and gave the recommendation of simply mixing up variations and permutations of the anchor text.

    Hope this sheds a little light over your query where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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    Doesn't matter too much ...
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    Hosting Chile just in case when people type Chile Hosting, it gives 10 pages of websites that have good SEO for the keyword Chile.
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    If you're talking about within the content itself then yes it does matter to an extent.

    However the order the keywords and phrases come in within the page's metadata is much less important. Even though I tend to put the most important keywords / phrases first out of fear that I'm somehow wrong.
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    I suggest hosting chile because hosting is the keyword and chile is the country everyone who is looking for hosting in chile is searching only hosting chili not chili hosting due to keyword prominence.
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