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    Question curl_multi() - parallel downloads very slow?

    Some people said that with curl_multi() I can parallel download/open many pages without waiting slow pages to finish and that look very good for me because I need to check thousands pages every day, after few hours of work to add it to my current php code now I know that it is slow like when I use standard curl calls, for me this is not parallel downloads, for me this look like waiting for every page to finish and than go to next, like when I using standard curl calls in php!

    This is code that I using:

    Somebody know what can be problem?
    I`m on centos server without any load, 100Mbps dedicated connection...


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    Speeding up curl_multi


    The general trouble is that each group of requests has to wait for the slowest request to download. In a group of 50 requests, all it takes is a single laggy one to slow processing of the others.

    You could write a wrapper for this to cycle through requests like seen here:

    Hope that helps

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    But, if you check my first post you`ll see that I already using it...

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