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    Namecheap Troubles.

    About a year and a half ago we changed from Go-daddy to namecheap for obvious reasons. Now after having quite a few run ins with them and losing faith in the development staff we are looking for an alternative.

    Any Recommendations?

    Most Recent Name cheap issue: Transferring Domains they gave you free whois protection. We let the whois protection let it expire, had no use for it. However we purchased an SSL cert on Namecheap with Geotrust. However once your whois expires the email address namecheap gives Geotrust (or anyone) is still the whois protected e-mail (It an inhouse e-mail they create as a forward to your own), except namecheap no longer forwards those e-mails to you making it impossible for you to do anything to your with your SSL cert and if you tried to reissue it only breaks and leaves it in limbo without being able to approve the new one. Namecheap could either update the e-mail in their own system OR continue forwarding the e-mails... This lack of foresight on there part has left us looking elsewhere.

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    Reissue the SSL. Or am I missing something.
    I don't see where you have contacted them. Did you do that yet? Tech support is quite good.
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    Yes, you should try to resolve with them first, before considering moving to another provider where you may have even worse troubles.

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