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    Game Server Newbie!

    How to run a game server. I dont have any idea whatsoever on how to do it. Please help lmao. I want to start it up soon for my business but no idea. What do I need?

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    Well first you need a computer. Then you need the server software. Then you configure the software and unblock the required ports. Then you run the software.

    Go get a computer, put linux on it, install steamcmd, then install whatever games you want to run servers for. Tutorials and required specs for the game servers are just a google search away. I wouldnt do anything business related until you have at least run a game server that has a decent amount of users before you try to sell them. Its not like some basic cpanel webhosting setup thats for sure.

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    I agree, you should do some homework on the industry and try to find out exactly what it takes to operate a game server business. Its one thing to get the server online but a total different ball game when it comes to technical problems. So just do some research on the industry an try setting up your own game server like saschoen mentioned to familiarize yourself more.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Game Server Newbie!

    You will need the following:

    1. (Dedicated) Servers
    2. Control panel (Multicraft, Opengamepanel, TCAdmin etc.)
    3. Billing and support system (WHMCS?) and a website for them
    4. Linux knowledge as well as knowledge about the games you are going to host to provide support and set them up.

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    Every game engine is hugely different, so without knowledge about a multitude, it's just a bad plan to go into that market. You wouldn't be able to provide support very well.

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