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    Their IPs are blacklisted and people use their server to spam even though their TOS says not to use for spamming but yet I cant send one single email to a client and they never return your money. Only reason I got mine was because I filed a dispute with paypal. Its pretty unreliable and they told me multiple times they fixed it and of course they didnt. DO NOT USE!!

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    You can ask for a clean fresh dedicated ip for your account hopefully it'll be a clean ip and you will be satisfied in their terms of use or service do they state anything about refunds?

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    Yeah it does but when I asked for a refund they kept telling me that the problem was fixed. They had a 30 day money back guarantee which I got AFTER filing a dispute and to my knowledge, they do not offer dedi ips

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    did you use their shared hosting ? shared Ip get blaclist can happen to any shared hosting company, but ofcourse it wouldnt acceptable if it take to long to clean it.
    bytheway do you check the ip on spamhaus or just because your email go to spam box?

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