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    Local Marketing?

    What is the best service to use as far as direct marketing? Email or regular postal mail?

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    Re: Local Marketing?

    If you're marketing locally I would attempt going to the customer directly and set a good impression.
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    I'd definitely choose email over postal, as you're a technology based company and would benefit most from the versatility and speed of email over postal. Maybe put up some ads in the local paper, or contact local high schools and colleges and see if they can put up notices on their billboards or whatnot? Publicity can spread like wildfire via word of mouth if you make some happy clients who are in internet-based industries, too. For example, I offered hosting to a graphic designer (who also taught gfx at a local highschool) and he's referred me to many of his clients for hosting websites. All about making connections

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    Thanks guys!

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    for local marketing, i would suggest you to advertise your product on local tv channels and local news papers. that will help you promote your product locally

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    make poster and put up in college university maybe flyer

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    With local marketing it is all about setting a good impression about yourself and locking the client into buying your services. First make yourself and your business look very good and show the future client how your services can help their business(es) or site(s). Word of mouth truly does spread like wild fire if you have a good rep for yourself a lot of people will then tell others about you and that is how you get spreaded. post articles on high school blogs or any tech savy blogs or bill boards in your area or along your day to day activities. put up flyers in computer repair stores library's and other places.

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    Word of Mouth, Craigslist for less saturated areas, door-to-door marketing/promotion are the ways I can think of.
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    Go with some radio advertizing often it is cheap and pays back well. Also try hiring 3-4 girls/boys to spread out some brochures explaining your business. Ask your current clients for any recommendations about their friends or co-workers you can start working with. Finding clients locally is so much finnier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by liamcyruslol View Post
    Maybe put up some ads in the local paper
    Those still exist?
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    Opinions from a provider and a consumer

    Depending on your local area, there are a variety of ways that you can market locally.

    If, for example, you live in an area with a popular local radio program, you might see about paying for a short, 1-minute audio advertisement targeting commuters who listen to the radio while driving.

    Another idea might be local newspapers - especially community publications, as opposed to national and world news distributions.

    Snailmail adverts, flyers, and other such "junkmail" advertisements I do not recommend, as such things tend to simply be overlooked by most people.

    If you have a loyal customerbase to draw on, you might consider using them by offering small-but-relevant rewards for referring your services.

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